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ADOT&PF to Install “Headlights On At All Times” Signs in Southeast Alaska

(JUNEAU, Alaska) –The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is installing new “Headlights On At All Times” signs in seven southeast Alaska communities this summer. The signs will inform motorists to use their headlights while driving in specific areas, regardless of conditions or the time of day. The purpose of the new signs is to make Alaska’s roads safer by reducing crashes.

Approximately 15 Alaskans die annually in head-on crashes. Research indicates that signage and compliance could eliminate 7-15 percent of these crashes. The Headlights On At All Times signs aim to reduce the risk of daytime collisions by making vehicles more noticeable to oncoming traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Daytime running headlight signs have been instrumental in a statewide effort to decrease daytime crashes since 2011.

Specific highway corridors were selected for southeast Alaska based on proximity to Alaska Marine Highway System terminals and border crossings, remoteness, crash history and traffic volume. The black and white signs will designate Headlights On At All Times at the following locations:

  • Haines: Haines Highway - U.S. Customs station (MP 39.5) to the Jones Point Rd intersection (MP 0.8)

  • Juneau: Glacier Hwy – MP 14 (south junction of Auke Rec Rd) to Echo Cove, Thane - end of road to Old AJ Mine access road (MP 0.8), North Douglas Hwy - Kowee Creek Bridge to end of road (N. Douglas)

  • Ketchikan: North Tongass Hwy – MP 1 (400ft north of 50mph speed zone) to Pandora’s Lane intersection (MP 13.2), South Tongass Hwy - Cemetery Rd intersection (MP 3.1) to 1.8 miles south of Whitman Creek Bridge (MP 13)

  • Prince of Wales Island: Klawock Hollis Hwy - Port St Nicholas Rd intersection (MP 0.9) to Hollis Ferry Terminal (MP 30.4)

  • Petersburg: Mitkof Hwy – Kings Row intersection (MP 0.7) to 2.2 miles south of South Mitkof Ferry Terminal access road (MP 26)

  • Sitka: Halibut Point Rd - Ferry access road (MP 6.6) to Katlian Street/Moller Dr intersection, Sawmill Creek Rd - Indian River Rd intersection (MP 0.5) to Blue Lake Rd intersection (MP 4.9)

  • Wrangell: Zimovia Hwy - Case Ave intersection (MP 0.9) to Nemo Point Rd intersection (MP 13.2)

For more information regarding headlight safety in Alaska, please visit

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities oversees 237 airports, 10 ferries serving 33 communities along 3,500 marine miles, over 5,600 miles of highway and 839 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska. The mission of the department is to “Keep Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure.”

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