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DOT&PF Photo Banners

Many employees of the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities have unique opportunities to experience a variety of aspects around our beautiful state. Below are some photos shared by our talented staff which we're using to communicate important events, projects, and programs to you.

Work Zone bannerGraphics courtesy of US DOT FHWS Work Zone Management Program

511 BannerWinter on the Alaska Highway. By Rebekah Cadigan, Alaska DOT&PF.

Roundabout bannerTraffic passing through the Thompson Drive Roundabout in Fairbanks. Photo by Patrick Cotter, Alaska DOT&PF

Pothole bannerPreparing to repair potholes on Seward Highway. By Michael Gerharz, Alaska DOT&PF

Bicycle bannerMother & child on pathway along Juneau's Twin Lakes during Bike to Work day, with Egan Drive in background. By Bob Laurie, Alaska DOT&PF

Motorcycle bannerMotorcycle riding near Fairbanks. Photo courtesy Alaska Highway Safety, Alaska DOT&PF

Subscribe News Updates  banner Keystone Canyon/Snowslide Path Avalanche - Flooded Area North of Canyon. By Jason Sakalaskas, Alaska DOT&PF

Studded Tire bannerDOT&PF tire repair shop, Anchorage. By Harvey Smith, Alaska DOT&PF

Winter Resouces banner 108 Mile, Steese Highway. By Chris Niedorf, Alaska DOT&PF

Scenic Byways banner Haines Highway. By Stephanie Benson, Alaska DOT&PF

Sunrise at McHugh Creek, Turnagain Arm
Sunrise at McHugh Creek, Turnagain Arm. By Dave Krause, Alaska DOT&PF

A grizzly pauses on the Parks Highway north of Healy
A grizzly pauses on the Parks Highway north of Healy. By Brett Nelson, Alaska DOT&PF