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Terri Tibbe
Airport Operations Manager
(907) 266-2522
(907) 266-2646

Airport Operations is the division that assures the Airport meets federal, state and local requirements on a 24-hour per day, seven day per week schedule. Operation's primary objective is to maintain a safe and secure environment for the traveling public, respond to emergencies and provide a management presence during after business hours. The division maintains all key operational documents including the Airport Certification Manual, Security Plan, Wildlife Management Plan, Letter of Agreement with FAA, the Emergency Response Plan, and the Airport Master Record information on file with the National Data Center of the FAA.

Operations is staffed by an Operations Manager, Operations Officers, Radio Dispatchers and Administrative Specialists that have experience and expertise in many fields to provide program management or input/decisions for: flight operations, wildlife management, disaster response, all air and landside activities, security, safety, mishap investigation, planning, engineering, project leaders and construction companies, field maintenance, facilities maintenance, environmental, planning and leasing departments. The entire customer base and staff of the Airport has Airport Operations as a point of contact at anytime.

Operations Bulletins and Airport Notices are published in the Airport Operations Manual by the Operations division to inform Airport tenants about Airport procedures.