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The ANC watershed or drainage area, covers approximately 5,000 acres, and includes five sub-watersheds. Each of these sub watersheds drains to a separate discharge point in Lake Spenard, Lake Hood, Knik Arm or Turnagain Arm.

In 1992, the ANC Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program was formed to protect these resources through the implementation of procedures and practices that minimize the impact of storm water runoff that is generated from airport facilities and activities.

Current information regarding groundwater near the ANC Firepit:

  • ANC has tested groundwater next to fire pit. We are approximately 25 times lower than drinking water limit.
  • Ground water flows to the northwest in this area, away from community wells to the south of ANC.
  • ANC will continue to monitor for any changes in levels.
  • ANC does not use firefighting foam that contains the PFOS chemicals.