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Research, Development & Technology Transfer

Staff and Mission

The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (Department) Research, Development and Technology Transfer program (RD&TT) is funded through the:

  • Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) State Planning and Research (SPR) program,
  • Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP),
  • Surface Transportation Program (STP),
  • and state matching funds.

RD&TT staff conducts and oversees research projects on behalf of the Department. RD&TT also maintains reciprocal activity contact with the national and international transportation research community to obtain research findings that may have application in Alaska and provides significant findings to appropriate Department personnel, local agencies, and the public through publications, training, and other means. RD&TT staff also provides assistance in implementing research findings.

The RTT program includes the Department's Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and the Border Technology Exchange Program (BTEP). These programs are funded through the FHWA as well, but focus on technology transfer to local governments and the Yukon Territory in Canada.

The National Highway Institute (NHI) training program, and the Technology Applications Program (TAP) are also managed by RD&TT.

The RD&TT staff may undertake work using additional state funds or funds from other agencies, such as the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation, should they become available.


Organization Chart

Anna Bosin, P.E.
Program Manager, Research, Development & Technology Transfer
(907) 269-6208

Research & Development T2
Erin Anderson
Engineering Associate
(907) 451-3055
Dave Waldo
Training Specialist II
(907) 451-5323
Andrew "Drew" Pavey
Engineering Assistant III
(907) 269-6213
Simon Howell
Training Specialist I
(907) 451-5482
Ian Grant
Engineering Assistant I
(907) 465-3447

Mailing Address:
2301 Peger Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709-5316

No dedicated fax line