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Research, Development & Technology Transfer



Research and Technology TransferUse this library to search for Alaska DOT&PF digitized research reports & manuals, audio/video tapes, interactive resources, and software not kept in the Mather Library. This library contains over 1100 resources which can be downloaded from the web or requested through us.

Research & Technology Transfer
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Alaska State Archives — The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT & PF) library collection is housed and cataloged by the Alaska State Archives.

Alaska State Archives
395 Whittier St.
Juneau, AK 99801
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Asphalt and Concrete Summit Presentations
Presentations given at Alaska DOT&PF's Asphalt and Concrete Summits.

Center for Transportation Analysis
The Center for Transportation Analysis (CTA) in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts innovative, cost-effective research and development on transportation energy and environmental issues, national transportation planning and policy, transportation systems engineering, and military transportation and logistics; CTA focuses on multimodal national and international transportation systems.

Federal Highway Administration
The vision of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is to create the best transportation system in the world for the American people through proactive leadership, innovation, and excellence in service. We also provide expertise, resources, and information to continually improve the quality of our nation's highway system and its intermodal connections. We undertake this mission in cooperation with all of our partners to enhance the country's economic vitality, quality of life, and the environment.

TRID is an integrated database that combines the records from TRB’s Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database and the OECD’s Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database. TRID provides access to more than one million records of transportation research worldwide.

LTAP T2 Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse provides program support to the National LTAP/TTAP. It is operated under contract to the Federal Highway Administration by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) – Transportation Development Foundation. The Clearinghouse operates from ARTBA's Washington, D.C. office.

The Clearinghouse Steering Committee ensures that the Clearinghouse develops services that meet the constantly changing needs of the Centers and the national program community in accordance with the national strategic plan.

Material Science & Engineering Division
We provide the measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the Nation’s need to design, develop, manufacture, and use materials. We foster innovation and confidence in measurements needed to advance technology and facilitate manufacturing in industrial sectors such as energy, electronics, transportation and the environment.

National Center for Asphalt Technologies (NCAT) Website
The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) was created in 1986 through an agreement between the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) Education Foundation and Auburn University. The visionary leadership of dozens of individuals, in conjunction with companies associated with the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) industry, large and small, brought about this joint venture at a truly appropriate time.

National Transportation Library
The National Transportation Library (NTL) was established to provide national and international access to transportation information, coordinate information creation and dissemination, and provide reference services for DOT employees and stakeholders. Established in 1998 by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), NTL’s authorized role was expanded in 2012’s Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21).

Northwest Tribal Technical Assistance Program
The mission of the Northwest & Alaska Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) is to help tribes become aware of the significance of tribal transportation issues through education and training, to help tribes define transportation systems that enhance community and economic development, promote desired land uses, protect cultural resources, to orient and coordinate federal, state, and local governments, and maximize efficient use of transportation resources.

Transport Web
The Transport Web is here to help you identify information and services available to the Transport World.

Transportation Science News

TRB RIP - Research in Progress
The Research In Progress (RiP) Database contains about 6,600 records of current or recently completed transportation research projects. Each month about 100 new RiP projects are added to the database and another 150 RIP records are updated. Most of the RiP records are projects funded by Federal and State Departments of Transportation. University transportation research is also included. In 1998, the Transportation Association of Canada began supplying records from its Canadian Surface Transportation Research Database for RIP.

FHWA Research & Technology
TFHRC provides FHWA and the world highway community with the most advanced research and development related to new highway technologies. The research focuses on providing solutions to complex technical problems through the development of more economical, environmentally sensitive designs; more efficient, quality controlled construction practices; and more durable materials. The end result is a safer, more reliable highway transportation system.

TR News
TRB's bimonthly magazine, features timely articles on innovative and state-of-the-art research and practices in all modes of transportation.

Transportation Research Record Online Journal
A full compilation of papers since the 1996 series of the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (TRR Journal) is accessible electronically. TRB's journal contains technical papers prepared by researchers that are peer-reviewed by TRB committee members. Included are selected papers from the TRB Annual Meetings, along with some papers from other sources and conferences.

U.S. DOT Research Hub Website
The database acts as a central location for information on projects funded by 10 U.S. DOT operating administrations, providing access to the Department's research portfolio at the project level. The database also provides links to research reports and other products generated by completed projects.  The website has been released as a beta version in order to solicit feedback from the transportation community that will be used to help develop future database versions.  The website’s address is