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Yankovich Road/Miller Hill Road Reconstruction and Multi Use Path
Project No. NFHWY00139 / 0002(378)

Purpose & Need

Yankovich Road and Miller Hill Road serve vehicular and pedestrian traffic between Sheep Creek Road and Ballaine Road. Yankovich Road is a 1.67-mile east-west corridor with residences and some public points of interest such as the Large Animal Research Station (LARS). Miller Hill Road is a 0.71-mile north-south roadway that connects Sheep Creek Road on the south and Yankovich Road on the north with a separated bike path along the east side. The two roads are similar in character with 10-foot lanes for vehicular traffic and narrow 0- to 2-foot shoulders for other users. Actions noted in the project scope will improve safety for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic on Yankovich Road and Miller Hill Road.

Project Scope

  • Upgrade/widen Yankovich Road to 32 feet (10-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders) click here for typical section
  • Reconstruct Miller Hill Road by widening the existing roadway surface toward the separated path to 30 feet (10-foot lanes and 5-foot shoulders) click here for typical section
  • Pave the remaining portion of the Miller Hill Road separated path
  • Improve sight distance and road geometry at roadway and driveway intersections
  • Improve drainage
  • Raise or lower the vertical profile to resolve sight distance deficiencies

Location Map

Click here for PDF file.

Project Schedule

Environmental Document May 2018
Design Study Report 11MB Jun 2020
Local Planning Approval Dec 2020
FUTURE TASKS (as of Dec 2020) DATE
Detailed Design Work Ongoing
Right of Way Acquisition Aug 2020 to Dec 2021
Utility Relocation Agreements Oct 2020 to Dec 2021
Project Bidding Mar 2022
Construction May 2022