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Sign on the Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway MP 0-9 Reconstruction Project No.: 0652(016)/60911

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is proposing to reconstruct the Dalton Highway from its junction of the Elliott Highway near Livengood (Milepost 0) to Milepost (MP) 9. Due to the surrounding mountainous terrain, this segment of the Dalton Highway features steep grades and sharp curves that don't meet current design safety standards. To correct substandard geometry and improve safety and efficiency for commerce using this route, it's desirable to relocate the road to more level terrain below the ridge lines it currently follows.

The Department's purpose for this project is to improve the safety and service for the first nine miles of the Dalton Highway. As part of this effort, we propose to:

  • Re-route the first 7 miles of the Dalton Highway by following the first mile of the Elliott Highway and on to the valley bottom, eventually rejoining near existing MP 6.5 of the Dalton Highway
  • Widen the road to 36', consistent with recent improvements in other locations on the highway
  • Install culverts and improve drainage features as needed. A new bridge is proposed at the new alignment's crossing of Lost Creek.
  • Develop the material site at Dalton Hwy MP 6.5 and use other on-site material within the proposed right of way to supply project aggregate needs.

ADOT&PF is working on detailed design in preparation for environmental permitting. We welcome your feedback! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and view our proposed route here PDF file.

Sign on the Dalton Highway

For more information contact:

Lauren Little, P.E.
2301 Peger Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709-5316
Phone (907) 451-5371
To correspond by text telephone
(TDD) (907) 451-2363