Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5316 Program

Title 49 USC § 5316, Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC), declares that the U.S. Secretary of Transportation may make grants available designed to transport welfare recipients and low income individuals to and from jobs and job related activities, and to develop transportation services for residents of urban centers and rural and suburban areas to support suburban employment opportunities.

Program Goals

Job Access grants are intended to provide new transportation service to assist welfare recipients and other low-income individuals in getting to jobs, training, and child care. Reverse Commute grants are designed to develop transportation services to transport workers to job sites.

Organizations Eligible to Receive 5316 Funds

There are a variety of organizations that are eligible to receive these funds. However, only projects that have been included in a Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan qualify to receive these funds. Below is a list of eligible organization types.

  • Small urban public transit
  • Rural public transit
  • Private nonprofit organizations
  • Operators of public transportation services including private operators of public transportation services.
  • Tribal governments
  • Other general or local governments

Projects Eligible to Receive the 5316 Funds

Grants may finance capital projects and operating costs of equipment, facilities, and associated capital maintenance items related to providing access to jobs; the cost of promoting the use of transit by workers with nontraditional work schedules; promote the use of transit vouchers for welfare recipients and eligible low income individuals; and promote use of employer-provided transportation including use of transit pass benefit programs.

For Reverse Commute grants, the following activities are eligible:

  • Operating and planning costs.
  • Capital and Mobility Management costs.
  • Other costs associated with reverse commute by bus, train, carpool, vans, or other transportation service.

Projects That Have Been Funded In the Past with 5316 Funds

  • Mobility Management
  • Purchase of Services
  • Purchase of rides on paratransit and taxi contractors
  • Vehicles


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