Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5310 Program

Title 49 USC § 5310(a) declares that the U.S. Secretary of Transportation may “make grants and loans to state and local governmental authorities to help them provide mass transportation service planned, designed, and carried out to meet the special needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.”

Program Goals

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has designed the 5310 Program to:

  • improve mobility for the elderly and persons with disabilities, and
  • be available in urbanized, small urban, and rural areas of the state.

The 5310 Program requires coordination of federally assisted programs and services in order to make the most efficient use of federal resources.

Organizations Eligible to Receive 5310 Funds

Only private, nonprofit organizations, selected brokers, and selected local governments may receive grants from the 5310 Program. However, only projects that have been included in a Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan qualify to receive these funds.

  • Private, nonprofit organizations
  • Brokers (with nonprofit status)
  • Government agencies in areas not currently served by either public transit agencies or a nonprofit agency providing dial a ride services or with state authorization.

Projects Eligible to Receive the 5310 Funds

Projects providing transportation services to elderly persons and/or persons with disabilities are eligible for 5310 funding.

Projects That Have Been Funded In the Past with 5310 Funds

Federal Transit Administration requires that the primary use of the 5310 funding is for capital equipment for passenger transportation services. However, depending on the availability of funds, ADOT&PF may use the funds to purchase transportation services for elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities, and operating expenses like fuel costs (which requires a higher match).

Successful past projects include:

  • Purchasing an ADA accessible van to provide demand response service
  • Purchasing dispatch/scheduling software for a non-profit human service agency
  • Purchase of rides on paratransit and taxi contractors
  • Mobility Management

Passengers Eligible for 5310 Services

The primary transportation services provided with the equipment purchased by the 5310 funds must be for elderly and/or persons with disabilities. However, project equipment may be used in coordination with other passenger transportation programs as long as the services provided under those programs do not displace the elderly and/or persons with disabilities.


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