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Statewide Materials

Materials Site Inventory

Welcome to the Alaska DOT&PF Materials Inventory Site

The Materials Site Inventory is a compilation of information on selected material sites that are used by DOT&PF. The purpose for the MSI is to provide a repository for interested parties to locate basic information about material sites. The MSI is not complete as to inclusion of all material sites or as to inclusion of all DOT&PF file information about the sites. This is not the only source for information on material sites. In order to find more complete information for a specific site, you must contact the Regional Materials Section, Right of Way Section and Maintenance & Operations Section offices for the area in which you are interested.


The Materials Site Inventory information on this website is compiled to assist DOT&PF staff during the design process of projects and to inform the public. The presence of a material site in this inventory does not signify that any specific source is available or suitable for use during the construction of a specific project. The presentation of information on this web site does not constitute a determination that any Material Site will provide suitable materials in the required quantity for any project. For specific projects, material sites available for use will be specified in the appropriate sections of the Plans and Specifications of the Contract Documents. This information is suitable for use by experienced and qualified experts in the fields of geology and engineering in conjunction with other available informationto make reasonable estimates regarding the potential quantity, quality, and suitability of source materials for construction purposes. No such estimates can be made without considering information that may be found in DOT&PF files.



For additional information on the Material Site Inventory, contact the office of the Chief Engineering Geologist at 907-269-6211.