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Port Lions Airport

Improvement Project Z-52796-0000

Port Lions airport parking lot

Project Time Lines

Below are timelines for project development:

Project Development Timeline
Task Target Completion Date
Ground Survey December 2017
Geotechnical Investigation Report Winter 2019
ALP Approved by FAA February 2020
Environmental Assessment December 2020
Airport Final Design December 2020
Right-of-Way Acquisition April 2021
Advertise Project September 2021
Construction 2021 / 2022
Public Involvement Schedule - 2019
Task Target Completion Date
Agency Notice Commenting ended March 22
Public Notice Commenting ended April 21
Agency Scoping Meeting (Anchorage) March 6, 2019
Public Meeting (Port Lions) April 16, 2019
Public Hearing on Final EA Draft (Port Lions) Fall 2020 (date tbd)
Field Work Schedule  2018-2019
Task Target Completion Date
Geotech Phase I Data Collection March 2018 (done)
Fish Habitat Assessment May 2018 (done)
Hazardous Materials Assessment July 19, 2018 (done)
Wetland Delineation and Invasive Plant Species Survey July 18-24, 2018 (done)
Cultural Resources Investigation September 27, 2018 (done)
Geotechnical Phase 2 and Phase 3 Studies Summer 2019

All dates may change as we move forward

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Plane Landing at Port Lions Airport