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JNU Glacier Hwy Lemon Creek

Project Details

The project would

  • Resurface the entire length of the roadway and improve pavement markings.
  • Convert the Renninger Street intersection to a roundabout.
  • Add a traffic signal to the Davis Avenue intersection.
  • Add a sidewalk on the seaward side of Glacier Highway and lighting as needed.
  • Add pedestrian crossings.
  • Add raised medians and refuge medians.
  • Improve facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act of 1960 (ADA) standards.
  • Relocate and improve bus pullouts.
  • Add a bicycle crossing at the intersection with Vanderbilt Road and Glacier Highway.
  • Consolidate driveway access where appropriate.
  • Replace City & Borough of Juneau (CBJ) sanitary sewer force main between Anka Street & Davis Ave.
  • Relocate CBJ sanitary sewer lift station near the Renninger Street intersection.
  • Add, repair, slipline, remove or relocate culverts and / or other drainage features as needed.
  • Provide illumination along both sides of Glacier Highway, as needed.
  • Add, remove or relocate guardrail.

The project improvements would require permanent acquisition of portions of privately and publicly owned properties for right-of-way (ROW).

This would require permanent acquisition of approximately 45 partial parcels with some duplication. Click Here for project area maps.

Project Status

2013 - The Department and Sheinberg Associates began preliminary design and environmental baseline studies for the proposed route in 2013.

2014 & 2016 - Public and Agency Scoping began in early 2014 and again in 2016. 

June 2017 - The project environmental document was completed and the Plans-in-Hand (PIH) stage was completed. Updated plans are available for viewing here.

October 2017 - The Plan, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) stage was completed. Modifications to the project were idenfied and design updates began.

March 2019 - Design updates completed and a new environmental document was started. Public and Agency Scoping was re-initiated.