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Noatak Airport Relocation
Project No. 61478

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to relocate the Noatak Airport. The purpose of the proposed relocation project is to provide the Village of Noatak with a safe, reliable, and cost effective facility that would provide the community with adequate access, support the community’s long-term development goals, and be consistent with current FAA safety regulations.

As part of the relocation, DOT&PF proposes the following actions:

  • Construct a new 4000’ x 75’ runway, apron, taxiway, and aviation support areas.
  • Construct a new Snow Removal Equipment Building (SREB).
  • Construct an airport access road from the Village of Noatak to the proposed airport location.
  • Install a single-span bridge over the Kuchoruk Creek at the new airport access road crossing.
  • Develop a material site and necessary access routes during airport construction.
  • Acquire necessary Right-of-Way for the new airport and access road.
  • Existing Noatak Airport to be decommissioned after relocated airport is operational

project area

Project Status

The DOT&PF is working on the engineering and environmental studies required to complete an Environmental Assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which is required for this project. Completed reports and other relevant information on work completed to date can be found on the documents page.