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Bid Express Electronic Bidding

Coming to Alaska DOT&PF for all large procurement construction contracts*
advertised after May 14, 2018

Although electronic bid submission via the BidExpress service will not be mandatory at this time, Alaska DOT&PF strongly encourages contractors to use BidExpress.

All contractors, even those continuing to submit paper bids, will be required to create their bid using the free Bids software provided by the department on its BidExpress site. Those submitting paper bids will print the completed Bids file and also include a USB drive containing the completed Bids file with their bid submission.

Please view the videos at the links below for a quick introduction to BidExpress:


*Web training for contractors provided by the BidExpress team will be scheduled for mid/late April. Exact dates and times TBD. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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To learn more, visit the BidExpress website: www.bidx.com


*except CMGC