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Design & Construction Standards

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Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)


The purpose of Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is to identify the impact a development will have on traffic congestion and safety and provide a basis for determining what steps the developer needs to take to mitigate those impacts.


Property owners who construct new approaches, change existing approaches, or change land use on existing approaches to state roads must obtain driveway permits from the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF). If the new or changed property is projected to generate more than 100 additional vehicle trips per hour during any hour of the day or when DOT&PF determines it may detract from road safety, a TIA is required. Property Owners must apply for driveway permits from the appropriate regional DOT&PF Right-of-Way office. Right-of-Way will be their primary point of contact throughout the driveway permit and TIA process.

If a TIA is required, regional DOT&PF Traffic & Safety staff will work with property owners to define specific requirements of the TIA and guide them toward successful TIA completion. Both the owner and the owner’s engineer need to meet with DOT&PF regional Traffic & Safety and Right-of-Way in a pre-analysis meeting to discuss the content of the TIA. As the analysis progresses, DOT&PF may request clarification or further analysis to give adequate consideration to risks to the traveling public. Property owners must submit draft TIAs, address DOT&PF comments, and then submit a final TIA. The final TIA must satisfy all DOT&PF requirements before a permit will be granted.

If a development that accesses a municipal road generates downstream traffic impacts on a state highway, and those impacts meet TIA thresholds, the municipality should complete or require the owner to complete a TIA.

TIA Content

The TIA must address the information and calculations identified in the TIA Requirement Checklist. DOT&PF may require additional detail to address location specific conditions.

Legal Requirements

Alaska Statute AS 19.05.040 Powers of Department authorizes DOT&PF to control access to highways and regulate roadside development.

Article 2 of the Alaska Administrative Code, Driveway and Approach Road Permits, provides regulations pertaining to required permits.