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Airport Way Functional Features Analysis

Project area.

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is conducting a functional features analysis of Airport Way.

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to develop a vision for the Airport Way corridor that will help guide future projects. The Fairbanks community wants the aesthetics of Airport Way improved. Over time, numerous construction projects have modified different parts of Airport Way but they have lacked consistent guidance on aesthetic and functional design decisions. This project will produce comprehensive guidelines, compiled with input from the community and interest groups, that present design elements that optimize aesthetics, function, and maintenance costs, and serve as a tool for designers to encourage consistency amongst future projects.

Project Scope

  • Review & summarize plans and projects that have implications for the Airport Way corridor
  • Convene a project steering committee to evaluate opportunities, challenges, and recommendations
  • Develop, distribute, and analyze a business owner survey
  • Conduct an access control analysis/workshop
  • Develop a toolkit of infrastructure options that meet the vision of the corridor and satisfy safety and maintenance needs
  • Produce a final report that synthesizes the functional analysis and public outreach and includes recommendations

Project Schedule

project schedule