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"Through a seamless communication network, the State is able to improve incident response."
  Ocie Adams, M&O, ADOT&PF

Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR)

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The State of Alaska and the Department of Defense, through a coordinated effort, worked together to improve communications. In the past years, natural disasters have occurred in the state that were not easily addressed, due in part to the lack of interoperable radio communication systems between responding federal, state and local public safety agencies. Public safety requires, however, reliable communications and coordination are not guaranteed. The goal of the Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) project was to build a cost shared P25 TIA 102 trunked land mobile radio communications system by 2006.

Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities photo Motorola radioAlaska Land Mobile Radio:

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) worked among a statewide effort to deploy Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) of subscriber units to support Maintenance and Operations forces. The ADOT&PF's LMRS integrate with the ALMR project so that both data and voice move seamless among the various public safety agencies.

ALMR serves several purposes:

  • Enhance personnel safety and operational capabilities
  • Create a cooperative partnership across federal, state and local jurisdictions
  • Transmit real-time information among the ADOT&PF and public safety agencies like police and fire
  • Cost share infrastructure among federal, state and local governments
  • Improve security, emergency response and operational efficiency statewide


The ADOT&PF conducted a successful beta testing in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau in June 2003 and began installing ALMR radios in vehicles in February 2004.

ALMR radios have been deployed to all of the connected highway system per the plan with the exception of the Steese Hwy at Montana Creek and Central, the Taylor Highway to Eagle and the Tok Cutoff. It is also deployed in Juneau, Ketchikan and Klawock in Southeast.



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