Kenai Spur Highway Rehabilitation MP 2.4-8.1

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Project Description:

The Kenai Spur Highway is a Rural Principal Arterial in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. This State-owned and -maintained facility is a critical surface transportation link between the communities of Soldotna and Kenai. It provides access to residential and business properties along its length.

This study examines the 5.7 mile long segment of highway from Sports Lake Road to Swires Road for a broad range of possible improvements. Two discrete segments corresponding to traffic data collection are analyzed: Sports Lake Road to Beaver Loop Road and Beaver Loop Road to Swires Road.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) received a $20 million appropriation to “rehabilitate the road between soldotna and kenai.”

This effort is funded with 2012 state general obligation bonds. Available funding is $20 million.
Any alternative in excess of $20 million would require additional funding.

Potential Safety and Capacity Improvements:

  • Left-turn pockets
  • Moose mitigation
  • Phased improvements
    • 3-Lane
    • 5-Lane
    • 4-Lane Divided
  • Spot treatments
  • Identify additional funding
  • Additional alternative development


  • The Kenai Spur Highway is functionally classified as a rural principal arterial; this roadway type is intended to carry traffic safely and quickly between major destinations.
  • It is a two-lane rural highway with a popular multi-use pathway on its west side.
  • The road serves annual average daily traffic of 11,500 vehicles per day; anticipated to grow to 16,500 vehicles per day in 20 years. At that time, the Kenai Spur Highway would not operate efficiently as a principal arterial.
  • The road experiences substantial traffic increases in summer.
  • Target date to begin construction is 2017.
  • The design will be for a 20 year life.

Existing Typical Section

Two 12 ' lanes with 8' shoulders and a 10' separated pathway

Highway cross section

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Updated: 12/3/2013