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CTF Alternate Entrance Alignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the BLM road entrance be affected?

A: The entrance will be realigned to the intersection with 68th Ave. This should reduce the amount of traffic queues and make access to the Campbell Tract more efficient. We will not close the current unsignalized intersection (BLM Road) until the new roadway is complete.

Q: Will the trails and parking lot be affected?

A: There will be impacts to available parking at Smokejumper Parking Lot during construction. Temporary parking during construction will not be available at Smokejumper. We are anticipating a one week closure. Trail users are encouraged to use the Campbell Airstrip Road Trailhead and the Abbott Loop Community Park Trailheads.

Q: Will the houses on the corners of 68th St. and Elmore Rd be affected?

A: No, There should be no permanent impacts to the houses on 68th St and Elmore Rd. Temporary construction easements may be needed. There will be some noise and traffic disruptions during construction.

Q: What impacts will there be to wildlife?

A: During construction there will likely be fewer animals in the area due to noise. Environmental safeguards will be included with the construction contract.

Q: Will pedestrian facilities be present?

A: The Department of Transportation will include sidewalk within their right of way. The sidewalk will tie into a six foot shared shoulder throughout the new alignment.

Q: How will this affect mountain biking?

A: All mountain biking areas outside of the construction area will be open to the public. The construction contractor will determine when it is safe to open the road up to pedestrians, cyclists, and road users.

Q: How will re‐routing work for trail users?

A: There will be temporary trail crossings during construction. Signs will direct the users to the temporary trail crossing at a new location.

Please contact the project team anytime with questions, concerns, comments or compliments.