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AASHTOWare Project: Phases & Schedule

DOT&PF plans to implement the AASHTOWare Project software in phases:

Phase 1:

  • Preconstruction
  • Civil Rights & Labor
  • Bids/Bid Express

Phase 2:

  • Construction
  • Materials

Phase 3:

  • Estimation

Phase 4:

  • Data Analytics

For more information and to read about each module, view the AASHTOWare Overview.

The AASHTOWare Project implementation consists of two components: analysis and implementation. The analysis component will explore regional differences, including discussion about workflows and business practices with the goal of alignment and determining how to configure the software to best fit Alaska DOT&PF’s needs. The implementation component consists of configuring and customizing the AASHTOWare Project modules, testing the software, training personnel to use the software, and finally, launching of AASHTOWare for use by Alaska DOT&PF.

Core Teams for each phase, comprised of subject matter experts from each region, will participate throughout the implementation of AASHTOWare. These teams will provide regional input during analysis and ensure the software is thoroughly tried and tested before it is launched.

Alaska DOT&PF AASHTOWare Implementation Projected Schedule

AASHTOWare implementation projected schedule