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September 2019

1. ANC North/South Runway Renewal Project: Project involves rehabilitating and widening RW 15/33 (the north/south runway) and updating taxiway geometry to meet FAA standards. Construction is planned for 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, April through October. During construction, the majority of air traffic will be shifted to the east/west runways. Most arrivals will land from the west, and most departures will take off to the east, creating a temporary increase in air traffic and noise over the city. To stay up to date on the project and submit comments, visit the website at

2. Passenger Drop-off/Pick-up: This summer season we are reminding the public when you pick up/drop off passengers at the airport, the driver must stay with the vehicle at all times. Vehicles on the ramp cannot be left unattended and may be subject to a potential Police citation and a TSA fine. The Anchorage airport is one of the few places that offers free parking in the south terminal parking garage for up to 30 minutes. A cell phone lot is also available to those awaiting arrivals, and further information can be found here: ANC Traveler Info/Parking Services.

3. Cargo Facility Developments: The airport has received applications and have public noticed four proposed cargo developments. The locations include one in West Airpark, west of the North/South runway, one on the northern end of North Airpark, and two located in the on the west side of Postmark Drive, across from the US Post Office. Private sector cargo investments are anticipated to be over $500 million dollars and add over 1,000 new jobs. You can view the public notices on the State of Alaska Online Public Notice website here: State of Alaska OPN Website

4. Economic Impact of Alaska’s Aviation Industry: The 2019 Economic Contribution of the Aviation Industry to Alaska’s Economy presents an economic analysis of Alaska’s aviation industry. The report shows that the aviation industry supports more than 35,000 jobs statewide while adding more than $3.8 billion annually to the economy. The Alaska International Aviation System, comprised of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and Fairbanks International Airport, generates more than 26,000 jobs. In Anchorage, 1 in 10 jobs are attributed to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, and 1 in 13 jobs are attributed to the Fairbanks International Airport. The report is available on the Alaska Aviation System Plan website at

5. Airport Recruitment: The Airport is recruiting for equipment mechanics and operators, as well as facility maintenance positions. Information on these opportunities can be found on Workplace Alaska or through Local 71 at the following web addresses: and Active recruitments are:

Equipment Operator Journey II $23.60/hr Class A CDL required at time of hire.
Seasonal Equipment Operator Journey II $23.60/hr Class A CDL required at time of hire.
Equipment Operator Journey I $22.16/hr Class A CDL required at time of hire.
Seasonal Equipment Operator Journey I $22.16/hr Class A CDL required at time of hire.
Electrician $26.73 - 30.68/hr Class B CDL required within 90 days of hire.

If you would like to visit the airport to learn more about these positions and how you can join the ANC Team, contact: Airfield Maintenance 907-266-2710, or Airport Facilities 907-266-2484.

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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is an important gateway to the city of Anchorage and the State of Alaska. More than 5 million passengers fly through ANC annually. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is responsible for approximately 15,577 airport & community jobs, earning $1 billion. That's 1 in 10 jobs in Anchorage.

Keep Alaska Flying and Thriving


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