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Needs List Search

The Needs List is a database of all possible transportation projects in the state. When a community nominates a project, it is required that the region adds it to the Needs List. It's important to understand that a project must be on the needs list to be in the STIP, but not all projects on the needs list will be funded.

To create a Needs List report, adjust one or more filters below and click the Search button. If an item does not appear in the drop-down list of options, there are no active or programmed projects for that item. All Need ID's meeting your chosen criteria will display in a table below the Search button.

If you see need ID numbers that are hyperlinked, it means the project is in the current STIP. Clicking on the link will take you to the STIP page for the project. If you find a link under the project name that starts with "AKSAS", it means the project is active and the link will direct you to a project status report.


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