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Environmental – FAI Stormwater Program Overview

Storm water discharges are generated by runoff from land and impervious areas such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, during rainfall and snowmelt events. Storm water discharges often contain pollutants in quantities that could adversely affect water quality and be detrimental to aquatic life, wildlife, habitat and human health.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) issues Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (APDES) permits for storm water discharges. The objective of the APDES storm water program is to reduce or eliminate pollutants in storm water.

The APDES Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) establishes control measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs) that must be used to control the types and amounts of pollutants that can be discharged from certain industrial activities, including air transportation.

Storm water discharges from an air transportation facility that are involved in vehicle maintenance (including vehicle rehabilitation, mechanical repairs, painting, fueling and lubrication), equipment cleaning operations and/or deicing operations, involve potential pollutants requiring proper management and MSGP coverage.

To meet these objectives, ADEC requires all facilities operating under the APDES MSGP to develop a site-specific Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP). Since 1992, the Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) has maintained a storm water management program in accordance with regulatory requirements. FAI tenants are each individually responsible for assessing their activities and complying with the appropriate APDES MSGP requirements. To ensure continued success, FAI and all airport users must share the responsibility of storm water pollution control.

For more information on the APDES MSGP, visit the Division of Water.

Storm water discharges from large and small construction-related activities that result in a total land disturbance of equal to or greater than one acre and where those discharges enter waters of the U.S., require ADEC Construction General Permit (CGP) coverage. Visit the Division of Water to determine if permit coverage and a SWPPP is required.


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