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General Aviation (GA)

Tim Coons
Lake Hood Manager
Phone: (907) 266-2410
Fax: (907) 266-2788
Lake Hood Update

LHD Gravel Strip RWY 14/32 CLOSURE for Spring Maintenance: Tuesday, 14 May 2019 0800 (local) – Thursday, 16 May 2019 1600 (local):
Lake Hood Gravel Strip (Rwy 14/32) planned CLOSED for routine spring maintenance . The work includes routine cleanup, grading, and dust control, etc. Total time includes setting time for dust control which depends in part on the weather. Note: ANC Rwy 15/33 is CLSD. Please plan accordingly and expect delays. Suggest avoid ANC peak times as able. As always time/dates subject to change, please check NOTAMs. Contact the LHD Office (907 266-2410) or 24/7 Arpt Ops (907 266-2600) for further information

Lake Hood Ops
Summer operations are in effect. Conditions change, so please always exercise caution and refer to the NOTAMs for current information, or contact LHD ATCT (907-271-2700) or Airport Operations (24/7) (907-266-2600) or the Lake Hood Office (907-266-2410).

Lake Hood Public Notices are published on the Alaska Online Public Notice (OPN) System and are also posted and available for review at the Lake Hood Office as well as at ANC.  Everyone is also encouraged to sign-up for “GovDelivery” to receive a wide variety of AK DOT&PF news, updates & more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions (907-266-2410).

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Lake Hood Ski Operations
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Transient Parking

Limited Transient Parking is available on a "first come, first served basis". Calling before flying into Lake Hood is highly recommended, as transient parking space availability depends on construction and vacancy. Please contact LHD at 907-266-2410 with any questions (Additional 24/7 contact: Airport Operations 907-266-2600).

  • Alpha Parking has approximately 12 space available.
  • Lake Hood Strip (gravel) approximately 12 spaces available
  • Lake Spenard (floats) has approximately 8 spaces available

Lake Hood and Lake Spenard. Photo by Dan Hartman
Photo courtesy of Dan Hartman