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Highway Performance Monitoring System

The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) is the official Federal government source of data on the extent, condition, performance, use, and operating characteristics of the nation’s highways.  HPMS data are used for assessing and reporting highway system performance under FHWA’s strategic planning process.  HPMS data also forms the basis of the analyses that supports the Conditions and Performance Report to Congress and are the source for a substantial portion of the information published in the annual Highway Statistics publication and in other FHWA publications including information that is reported to the media. Importantly, HPMS is the primary source of transportation data that FHWA uses to determine Alaska's share of millions of dollars in annual federal transportation funds.

Each state is required to prepare an annual submittal of HPMS data in accordance with the procedures, formats, and codes specified in the FHWA HPMS Field Manual. Submittals are due June 15th of each year and they include data representing the prior calendar year. 

Traffic barricades, Dimond Boulevard
Traffic barricades, Dimond Boulevard. by Ruth Carter, Alaska DOT&PF

HPMS has nearly 70 data fields, some of the important ones include:

  • Inventory- functional class, facility type, structure type, ownership, through lanes, speed limit, etc.
  • Routes – route number, signing, alternate route name, etc.
  • Traffic – Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT), Future AADT, Signal Type, Number of intersections, etc.
  • Geometric – Lane width, median type, shoulder type, terrain type, etc.
  • Pavement – Surface type, International Roughness Index (IRI), Cracking Percent, etc.

For more information about HPMS

Alaska 2022 HPMS Submittal Reports (2021 data)

HPMS reports About
Extent & Travel on the Interstate Centerline Miles, Lane Miles & VMT by Route Number on Interstate
Extent & Travel on the NHS Centerline Miles, Lane Miles & VMT by Functional Class on NHS
Extent & Travel Report Centerline Miles, Lane Miles & VMT by Urbanized Area & Functional Class
Extent & Travel Urban/Rural Centerline Miles, Lane Miles & VMT by Small Urban, Urbanized, Rural, All Urban)
IRI on Federal-Aid Highways International Roughness Index (pavement roughness index) by Functional Class
IRI on the NHS International Roughness Index (pavement roughness index) by Functional Class
Ownership Centerline Miles by Ownership (e.g., State, Federal, Municipal)



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