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Statewide Functional Classification GIS Map

The map below contains Functional Class information for all routes within the DOT&PF network.

Navigation Tips:

  • Users can navigate by scrolling and zooming to their desired area, or by entering address or place names in the search field.
  • Users can select from a variety of base maps upon which to display the Functional Class information.
  • When using the search field this function searches information on the selected base map. For example, when searching for a particular street, the search will succeed when the 'Streets' basemap is selected, but not when the 'Oceans" map is selected.
  • Click on the Legend button to display the color codes for the Functional Classes.

More information on Functional Classification

Visit ALASKA'S TGIS ArcGIS online map portal for a larger map
with more options. While you're there be sure to explore "HOME" and "GALLERY".


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