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2020-2023 CTP PEB

2020-2023 Final CTP PEB Critera

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The Community Transportation Program (CTP) Project Evaluation Board (PEB) was held on January 8 & 9, 2020.

The selected CTP projects will be added to the STIP in Amendment 1 to the 2020-2023 STIP. Projects are scheduled for design in 2020-22, with construction scheduled for after 2023. Construction phases will be programmed for funding in accordance with individual project schedules and funds availability, with funds not expected to be available before 2023.

All projects that were submitted by communities for consideration were required to include cost sharing. At a minimum, community sponsors provided the required minimum federal match. Communities that committed additional funds were awarded more points in the scoring process. Projects were selected from community nominations ranked by a Project Evaluation Board, the total federal funding available is $56 million.

Selected projects are:

Region Project Name PEB Score Criteria Set
CR Seldon Road Extension Phase II 152.1 Urban/Rural
CR Akakeek, Ptarmiagan, and DeLapp Street - Heavy Use Road Improvements 147.7 Remote
CR Hemmer Road Upgrade Extension North to Bogard Road 140.3 Urban/Rural
NR Fort Yukon Road Improvements and ROW Safety 138.8 Remote
CR Redoubt Avenue and Smith Way Rehabilitation 135.5 Urban/Rural
NR Cordova Second Street Upgrades 131.8 Remote
CR South Trunk Road (Nelson Road) Improvements 128.8 Urban/Rural
NR Kiana Community-Wide Drainage Improvements 128.7 Remote
NR Healy Spur Road 124.2 Urban/Rural
NR Nome Front Street Resurfacing and Rehabilitation 124 Remote
NR Ruby Slough Road Phase II Final Design and Construction 120.8 Remote
SR Kodiak Otmeloi Way Reconstruction 119.8 Urban/Rural
CR Hermon Road Upgrade and Extension 118.7 Urban/Rural

There are two sets of criteria for this project nomination opportunity: 1) Urban and Rural, and 2) Remote. Communities not connected to the road system by road or ferry are considered Remote. All other communities are considered Urban and Rural.

Please direct any questions to your regional planner. They will be your main point of contact during the CTP project nomination and evaluation process.


Call for projects

February 2019

Project submittal due

September 15, 2019

DOT&PF regional review and

October 2019

DOT&PF statewide PEB
final project selection

January 8th and 9th, 2020

Announce project awards

March 2020

Initiate project agreement between DOT&PF and sponsoring agency

Upon PEB approval and
prior to project start