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Alaska DOT&PF Web GIS Applications (ArcGIS Online)

Alaska's TGIS ArcGIS Online Map Portal

Implemented Summer/Fall 2013.  ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is a collaborative, cloud based platform that lets members of an organization create, share, and access maps, applications, and data, including authoritative base maps published by ESRI.   This template is provided through our involvement in AASHTO TIG's UPlan and is a powerful yet easy to use web based decision-support mapping tool that will allow complete or selective data sharing among various work units within the state DOT. Ideally, we will migrate to a department-wide AGOL license with the acceptance into AASHTO’s UPlan and will develop map services of our data, while implementing a strategy to make data available outside of the State firewall.   AGOL will allow divisions of DOT&PF to create groups and share/serve their data. Please contact Garry Remsberg to learn more about Alaska's Transportation GIS.

STIP Project Viewer

The Alaska Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the state’s four-year program for transportation system preservation and development. This STIP Project Viewer will display all projects in the current, FHWA/FTA approved version of the STIP. Pending changes are incorporated into the map once the public notice period is complete and the changes have been adopted. For general usage, searching and filtering tips, please click on the “About” box at the top of the page in the viewer.

STIP Viewer functions in IE 8 & higher, FireFox 19.0 & higher, Google Chrome 25.0 & higher, & Safari. If there are any issues with the viewer not loading into the browser, please clear your cache and reload the page. For help using the application, to report a problem, or recommend an enhancement
please contacts us.

Imbedded Interactive Maps

Using our ArcGIS online account, we are now able to replace static or printable maps with imbedded interactive maps throughout our DOT&PF website. TGIS will begin setting up groups and users withing DOT&PF, provide training and assistance with using this new resource. All imbedded maps should hve a link below that will allow users to access more features and options as well as other online maps posted on Alaska's TGIS Arc GOS Online Map Portal. A few DOT&PF websites already feature imbedded maps:


For help, to report a problem, or recommend an enhancement please Contact Us.
Please read our DISCLAIMER for important information about the use of AK DOT&PF applications and information.