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Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) - Project Photos*

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Minnesota Barrier, Anchorage
3rd and Ingra Channelization, Anchorage
3rd and Gambell Curb Bulb, Anchorage
9th and L, Anchorage
Central Region Rumble Strips

Glenn Highway Offset Lighting

Portage Curve Turn Lanes
3rd and A Channelization, Anchorage
76th and C Signal, Anchorage
Girdwood RR Grade Separation
Montana Crk/Skater's Cabin, Juneau
Yandukin On-Ramp, Juneau
Stephen Richards Signal, Juneau
Auk Nu Curve, Juneau

Norway Pt. Median Barrier, Juneau
Southeast Traffic Signals
Egan Lighting, Juneau
Northern Region Rumble Strips

*Note: This is just a small sampling of past HSIP projects.