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What is the role of the Transportation Advisory Committee?

The Transportation Advisory Committee is tasked with participating in the analysis, reviewing the work, and making recommendations. The committee consists of representatives from affected communities and user groups along the route, including local governments, state departments, federal agencies; Army and Air Force installations; Alaska Native villages; emergency fire and rescue; and advocacy groups. DOT&PF will support the committee by providing resources as requested and educate the committee on regulatory processes. Click here to engage with the committee, and review meeting materials here.


Local Representatives

Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation Planning
Mayor Bryce Ward, Chair of FAST Planning Policy Board

City of Fairbanks
Crystal Tidwell, City Council Member

City of North Pole
Mayor Michael Welch

Fairbanks North Star Borough
Donald Galligan, Transportation Planner

Tanana Chiefs Conference
Marina Evans, Transportation Coordinator

City of Delta Junction
Mary Leith, City Administrator

Darrel VandeWeg, Chief, Salcha Fire and Rescue

John Rusyniak, President, Tok Chamber of Commerce

Tetlin Village
Chief Michael Sam

Eielson Air Force Base
Alexa Green

Fort Wainwright 

Federal Representatives

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Katherine Hensley

Federal Highway Administration
Sandra Garcia Aline

State of Alaska

Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Pam Golden, Transportation Systems Management and Operations

Department of Environmental Conservation
Emma Pokon, Deputy Commissioner

Department of Public Safety
James Cockrell

Alaska Railroad
Brian Lindamood, Vice President, Chief Engineer

Technical Transportation
Jackson Fox, Executive Director, FAST Planning

Advocacy Groups

Advocates for Safe Alaska Highways
Dave Waldo, Spokesperson or
Jennifer Campbell

Patrick Filbin, Mine Manager, Kinross Fort Knox

Scott McCrea, CEO,  Explore Fairbanks

Trucking Industry
Joe Michel, Executive Director, Alaska Trucking Association