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Safety is our priority and core value

We’re committed to Highway Safety for all users.  Recently people have been contacting us about this corridor because of the proposed increased industrial use of the highway. In response to the public’s concerns over increased industrial traffic, DOT&PF is funding an independent Corridor Analysis to look at potential safety and travel impacts.  The Corridor Analysis will examine the existing conditions and the impacts of increased traffic in coordination with a Transportation Advisory Committee. This committee consists of representatives from a wide variety of viewpoints and will participate in the analysis, review the work, as well as make recommendations. 

Alaska’s history has shown us that we can balance residential, tourism and commercial traffic. We are committed to listening to the concerns of Alaskans to find solutions that consider all perspectives to have both safe highways and resource development. It is our goal to protect public safety through everything we do while supporting communities, businesses, and the legal use of our transportation network.

corridor map