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Tetlin to Fort Knox Corridor

Plans and Projects

DOT&PF plans its capital improvement projects based on current and projected future uses of our state’s infrastructure. This website outlines our plans for the corridor from Tetlin, near Tok off the Alaska Highway, heading west to Fort Knox, off the Steese Highway north of Fairbanks.

How do we decide which projects to build?

It all starts with our most important planning document, the Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan.  This plan, which is updated every five years, identifies policies, goals, and investment strategies related to statewide transportation projects. This forms the backbone of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (also known as the STIP). In order for a project to receive federal highway improvement funds, it must be included in the STIP, which is developed in partnership with the public and transportation stakeholders. Public input is a crucial component to how we prioritize projects.

After a project is listed in the STIP, we use a scoring process to decide when to allocate funding to projects, beginning with project design. The design process includes environmental reviews, public and stakeholder input, engineering, right-of-way and property acquisition, and utility agreements. This can take several years depending on the complexity of the project. When all these components have been addressed, construction funding is allocated.

The decisions about whether to start actively designing a project and when to fund a project for construction are based largely on how each project fits into our state’s transportation needs. We look at things like safety, traffic volumes, condition of the infrastructure, current and future use and development, and project costs to decide which projects should be funded. If any of these factors change in a significant way (for example, an increase in development that will increase traffic type and volume) we are able to shift our projects around to respond. We are also able to accelerate projects if we receive an influx of funding, for example through a federal infrastructure bill.

What are our plans?

The map below shows projects along the Tetlin to Fort Knox corridor that are currently in active design or construction, as well as projects that we are not yet active but that we are pursuing for inclusion in a future STIP.

Tetlin to Fort Knox corridor

You can find more information about the projects by visiting the project websites linked below. Please note that not all projects currently have websites.

What about maintenance?

DOT&PF’s Northern Region maintains the highway along the entire length of the Tetlin to Fort Knox corridor. We are able to move funding around our region to respond to changing conditions, whether that be a snow storm or a pothole. We allocate maintenance funding across the region based on need, safety, and available resources. For more information about Northern Region Maintenance and Operations, including a full list of maintenance stations with winter hours of operation, visit our website.

Looking for more information?

Do you have more questions about our plans for this corridor? Please contact our Public Information Office and we will get you in touch with the correct person:

Northern Region Public Information Office
(907) 451-5307