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Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

Glenn Highway at Eklutna

Glenn Highway near Eklutna. Mark Shulman, Alaska DOT&PF.

The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) is a federally maintained software product used by staff in the Transportation Information Group for submitting Alaska's highway data to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). HPMS is the primary source of transportation data that FHWA uses to determine Alaska's share of millions of dollars in annual federal transportation funds.

HPMS was originally developed in 1978 and is a continuing database of data on each state's transportation network.  HPMS contains administrative data (such as Certified Public Road Mileage and Functional Classification) as well as basic road characteristic data on all public roads in the state.  Additional data – like pavement data from the Department's Pavement Management System, and traffic data from each regional traffic department is included as well.


The HPMS report and submitted data is used for:

  • Travel trends and transportation forecasts
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality conformity tracking
  • Biennial Conditions and Pefrormance Report to Congress
  • Annual Highway Statistics report by FHWA
  • Apportionment of Federal Funds to the States

Federal Code

Below are sections of Federal Code related to HPMS:

  • EPA Section 187 - Calls for States/MPOs having URBANIZED AREAS affected by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to estimate total annual vehicular highway travel (Vehicle Miles Traveled or VMT) using the HPMS.
  • 23 CFR 420.105(b) - The State Highway Agencies shall provide data that support the FHWA’s responsibilities to the Congress and to the public.
  • 23 CFR 460.3(b) - State Public Road mileage. Each State must annually submit a certification of public road mileage within the State to the FHWA Division Administrator.
  • 23 CFR 500.204(b) - A State's TMS precision of reported data shall meet the statistical precisions established by FHWA for the HPMS.

More Information

Fore more detailed information about HPMS reporting, visit the FHWA website.

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