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Public Roadway Data

Alaska's Department of Transportation & Public Facilities maintains information for public roads within the state. One key goal of the Transportation Data Programs (TDP) is to provide easy access to this information for all of our users. See the options below for a variety of ways to view information about public roads in Alaska.

Glenn Highway Photo
Caption: Glenn Highway overlook just past Chikaloon.
Credit: photo by Dave Krause, Alaska DOT&PF

Functional Class Button

Functional classification is the "process by which streets and highways are grouped into classes, or systems, according to the character of service they are intended to provide." All public roads in Alaska have a functional classification and this information is used to guide a variety of planning, design, operations, and funding processes.


CPRM Button

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires all states to provide an annual summary report of all public roads within the state. DOT&PF prepares the report each year for the State of Alaska. This page contains more information on the CPRM process as well as links to current and previous CPRM reports.


NHS and AHS Button

Alaska's roads are grouped and classified in many different ways. These classifications are based on a variety of criteria including usage, capacity and facilities served and are used in determining funding sources, maintenance needs, and other factors. Among the most significant route designations are the National Highway System and Alaska Highway System. This page contains more information about NHS and AHS designations as well as links to all of the routes with those designations.


Urban Area Button

As part of every decennial census, the U.S. Census designates Urban and Rural areas. The Urban/Rural classification is relevant to many planning, development, and funding processes. Roads within Urban and Rural areas receive these designations as well. This designation combined with Functional Classification are important factors in identifying and classifying roads for all transportation planning processes. This page contains more information on the Urban/Rural designation as well as links to current and previous Urban boundaries in Alaska.


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