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Certified Public Road Miles (CPRM)

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires Alaska DOT&PF to provide an annual report of public road miles in Alaska. Public road mileage is one of several variables that FHWA uses to determine funds for state transportation programs. A public road is any road under the jurisdiction of and maintained by a public authority, open to the general public, and passable by standard passenger cars. CPRM reports are used to populate the FHWA highway statistics publication. CPRM is also used in many department reports and publications.

The Transportation Information Group (TIG) collects CPRM mileage from State and Federal agencies, Indian nations, Boroughs and city governments.


Road Mileage Reports:

Reports are in PDF button format
2012 CPRM Report
2011 CPRM Report
2010 CPRM Report
2009 CPRM Report
Alaska Mileage Chart (approximate miles)


DOT&PF maintains over 5,600 miles of Alaska’s public roads, followed by the Boroughs (3,697 miles) and the Tribes (2,241 miles). Download the latest report for more information.





Alaska DOT&PF maintains almost all of the major corridors in Alaska which include collectors, arterials and Interstates. All public roads in Alaska are classed by their function. To learn more, see Functional Classification



The 2010 U.S. Census resulted in an adjustment of Urban Boundaries in several areas throughout Alaska. Of the public road miles in Alaska, 13,878 (85%) are located in Rural areas and 2,423 (15%) are located in Urban areas.



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