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National Highway System, Alaska Highway System, and State Highway System

Alaska's roads are grouped and classified in many different ways. These classifications are based on a variety of criteria including usage, capacity and facilities served and are used in determining funding sources, maintenance needs, and other factors. Among the most siginificant route designations are the National Highway System, Alaska Highway System, and State Highway System.

The National Highway System (NHS): The NHS is an interconnected system of routes that serve important national functions, e.g., security, commerce, and travel. The NHS is comprised of Interstate and defense routes, other principal arterial routes, and routes connecting to major intermodal facilities such as airports, ports, and ferry terminals. With a few exceptions, all NHS routes in Alaska are owned by ADOT&PF.

Alaska Highway System (AHS): The AHS includes existing or planned surface facilities that are of statewide significance though not included in the National Highway System. AHS routes are established in regulation, in 17 AAC 05.170.

State Highway System (SHS): Refers to the system of highways and roads that are owned by the DOT&PF. This includes all NHS, AHS and some collectors and local roads. These routes must be designated by the commissioner in accordance with 17 AAC 05.010 and AS 19.10.

Please visit our new NHS & AHS GIS Map to see all statewide AHS and AHS routes.


NHS Map - Alaska
NHS Map - Anchorage
NHS Map - Fairbanks

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Source: FHWA website, June 2013.


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