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2020-2023 CTP Project Evaluation Board (PEB)

The Department has considered all comments that were received for the draft Community Transportation Program (CTP) Scoring Criteria. Final revisions have been made and the final CTP Scoring Criteria are now available.  A CTP Comment Response Matrix is also available which details comments, department responses, and changes to the criteria.

These criteria are expected to be used for a project nomination opportunity for the 2020-2023 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Community representatives are encouraged to consider their transportation needs with respect to this program.

The last project nomination opportunity was in 2011 for the 2012-2015 STIP. Highway funding bill changes over subsequent years refocused funding on the National Highway System (NHS), leaving less funding available for other needs. As a result, the Department continues to fund a backlog of CTP projects. Fiscal uncertainty affecting both the federal-aid program and state funding continue to drive the Department to make conservative funding projections into the near future and narrow the focus of the CTP.

There will be limited funding available for the next project nomination opportunity and only highly competitive projects will be successful. Highly competitive projects will generally be those for which the community is able to provide additional monetary contributions to help leverage the limited federal dollars available and/or assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities.

Future notifications will provide details regarding the timeline and requirements for the project nomination opportunity. Please direct any questions to your regional planner. They will be your main point of contact during the CTP project nomination and evaluation process.