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Research, Development, & Technology Transfer

Meetings (Confirm meeting dates and locations with your local group)

Society Chapter Meeting Days Location & Contact
ASCE link exits this website Anchorage link exits this website Monthly, 2nd Thurs., Noon Moose Lodge
Fairbanks link exits this website Monthly, 3rd Wed., Noon (except September and February) Fairbanks Westmark
Juneau link exits this website Newsletter 2nd floor Conference Rm

ASPE link exits this website Anchorage Monthly, 2nd Thurs., noon - 1 pm BP Energy Center
Fairbanks Monthly, 1st Mon., noon Westmark Hotel
Juneau Monthly, 2nd Wed., noon
* except June-August
2nd floor Conference Rm

ASPLS link exits this website Anchorage Monthly, 3rd Tues., Noon Executive Cafeteria, Federal Building
Fairbanks Monthly, 4th Tues., Noon Ah Sa Wan Restaurant
Mat-Su Valley Monthly, last Wed., Noon Windbreak Cafe

AWRA link exits this website Alaska Varies Varies

Alaska ArcUser Group & URISA link exits this website Central Region Varies Varies

ICBO Northern Chapter Monthly, 1st Wed., noon Zach's Sophie Station
Jeff Russell, 451-5495

ITE Anchorage Monthly, 1st Tues., noon
* except June - August
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Fairbanks Monthly, 2d Wed., noon

Westmark Hotel
Ethan Graetz

IRWA Sourdough Chapter 49 Monthly, 4th Wed., noon
* except July & Dec.
West Cost Int'l Inn
Arctic Trails Chapter 71 Monthly, 2nd Thurs., noon
* except July & Dec.
Oriental House
Totem Chapter 59 Monthly, 2nd Wed., noon Mike's Place, Douglas

PE in Gov. Anchorage Monthly, last Fri., 7 a.m. Elmer's Restaurant

Society of Women Engineers Anchorage Monthly, 2nd Wed.,
5 :30 p.m.
* except July & August
Stephanie Mormilo or Virginia Groeschel at 562-2000