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Division of Statewide Aviation Staff

John Binder III portraitJohn R. Binder III, A.A.E serves as Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. He oversees aviation and airports for the State of Alaska, which includes Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Fairbanks International Airport, and Alaska's rural airports. The telephone number for the Deputy Commissioner's office is (907) 269-0730.

Troy LaRue portraitTroy LaRue, C.M. is the Operations Manager for the Division of Statewide Aviation, directing aviation operations and planning for the state of Alaska’s rural airports within the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF). His telephone number is (907) 269-0724.

Kodiak Airport Apron
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Jeremy Worrall portraitJeremy Worrall, A.A.E., ACE is the Airport Operations Superintendent for the Division of Statewide Aviation, overseeing airport operations and all aspects of FAA and TSA compliance for all 19 certificated airports in the State’s rural airport system. His telephone number is (907) 451-5230.

Ryan Marloe portraitRyan Marlow is the UAS/Drone Program Coordinator for the Division of Statewide Aviation, managing and guiding drone operations throughout the state. His telephone number is (907) 269-0741.

Linda Bustamante, C.M., Development Specialist, provides support to the Deputy Commissioner and Division of Statewide Aviation for aviation issues, stakeholder, media, and legislative requests, and manages the rural airport manager Development and Training Program. Her telephone number is (907) 266-2596.

Jennifer Rackliff, Administrative Assistant III, administers the Certificate of Compliance program for the State of Alaska. An annual Certificate of Compliance is required for commercial aviation operators in Alaska per Alaska Statute 02.40.020.
- For assistance, please call (907) 269-0730.

Alaska Certificated Airport Managers' List

Statewide Airport Leasing Staff

Clark Cox is the Program Manager of Statewide Aviation Leasing. The position supervises the three Regional Leasing Offices, and is responsible for the development and implementation of policy for leasing and lease lot development for the rural airport system. His telephone number is (907) 269-0319.

Vickie Swain is the Chief, Anchorage Office, Aviation Leasing. Vickie supervises the Central Region Leasing staff, and is responsible for the leasing program in the Central Region. Her phone number is (907) 269-0745

Margaret Moody is the Acting Chief, Fairbanks Office, Aviation Leasing. This position supervises the Northern Region Leasing staff and is responsible for the leasing program in Northern Region. Her phone number is (907) 451-5227.

Clark Cox is the Acting Chief, Juneau Office, Aviation Leasing. This position is responsible for the leasing program in Southcoast Region. His phone number is (907) 269-0316.

Statewide Airport Safety and Security Officers

Safety & Security Officers are located regionally across the state and are responsible for providing safe consistent methods of operating the FAA Part 139 Certificated Airports. These individuals coordinate with the FAA and TSA inspectors regarding regulatory compliance matters, and provide expertise and guidance for the operation of the State of Alaska’s airport system.

Josh Stuckey, C.M., ACE, is located in Anchorage, and oversees the Bethel, Dillingham, Homer, King Salmon, Kodiak, and Unalaska (Dutch Harbor) airports. His phone number is (907) 269-0751.

Tammi Schreier, C.M., ACE, is located in Fairbanks, and oversees the Barrow, Cordova, Deadhorse, Kotzebue, Nome, and Valdez airports. Her phone number is (907) 451-5250.

David Cummings, C.M., ACE, is located in Juneau, and oversees the Adak, Cold Bay, Sand Point, Gustavus, Petersburg, Sitka, Wrangell, and Yakutat airports. His phone number is (907) 465-1784.

Statewide Aviation Planning Staff

Roger Maggard is the Statewide Airport Development Manager. Roger develops and maintains the Airport Improvement Program spending plan, and maintains the scoring system for ranking capital projects. His telephone is (907) 269-0727.

Rich Sewell, C.M. is the Statewide Aviation Policy Planner. He works on Alaskan aviation issues such as regulations, statutes at the state and federal level including the FAA reauthorization bill, NextGen ADS-B program, and approach procedures for state owned rural airports. Additionally he is the contact for US DOT’s Essential Air Service issues in Alaska, which includes approximately 1/3 of all EAS sites nationwide. His telephone number is (907) 269-0725.

Rebecca Douglas, C.M. is a Statewide Aviation Planner. She manages the Alaska Aviation System Plan, Alaska Airports Safety Management Systems (SMS), 5010 rural airports inspection program, and other aviation related issues. Her telephone number is (907) 269-0728.