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Tok Cutoff MP 38-50 Rehabilitation
Project No. NFHWY00147/0A13021

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), in cooperation with the Alaska Division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), proposes to rehabilitate the Tok Cutoff between mile points 38 and 50.

Project area map
(Base Image Source: Bing Maps, accessed 6/21/2017)

Project Scope

Rehabilitate the Tok Cutoff Highway between MP 38-50. Improvements will include drainage, embankment stabilization and rebuilding pavement structure. Project also includes bridge rail upgrades and deck repairs to the Indian River Bridge #651.

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and reduce maintenance requirements along the project corridor. It is needed because the road experiences excessive frost heaving and settlement due to subgrade failure and drainage problems.

A segment of Tok Cutoff.
DOT&PF file photo: Looking east along one of the better sections of the proposed project corridor on the Tok Cutoff
(note lack of DANGER signs); the roadway exhibits frost heaves, broken pavement, and poor drainage.