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Koliganek Airport Improvements

Project 59276

Aerial Photo of Koliganek Airport

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing improvements to the Koliganek Airport. Koliganek is located on the bank of the Nushagak river and lies 65 miles northeast of Dillingham. The community of Koliganek is located approximately 59.728610 North Latitude and 157.284440 West Longitude. The airport at Koliganek is a community class airport, suitable for small, single or light twin engine aircraft. The existing runway aircraft approach category will be updated from Visual to a Non Precision Instrument (NPI).

The current proposed project consists of the following operational and safety improvements:

• Extend the existing 3,000’ runway to 3,300’ in the western direction
• Re-grade and resurface the existing Runway and Taxiway
• Expand, re-grade, and resurface existing apron
• Install new medium intensity lighting for the runway and taxiway (MIRL & MITL)
• Realigning approximately 800’ of existing access road 50 along the aviation support area
• Repair and relocate existing Snow Removal Equipment Building (SREB)
• Construct a new single bay SREB
• Acquire approximately 24 acres of land

Updated: 12/24/2012