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Hooper Bay Airport Improvements

Project 57419

Project Description:

click for larger version figure 1 - Hooper Bay and proposed airport improvements
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The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is proposing to improve the Hooper Bay airport. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve safety and public access to the airport, eliminate surface deterioration, provide required FAA mandated setbacks for aircraft over 12,500 lbs, and to allow for lower aircraft approach visibility minimums. The existing airport runway is in poor condition, and is subject to periodic erosion.  The city of Hooper Bay and proposed airport improvements are shown in figure 1.

The proposed project would:

  • Rehabilitate the runway
  • Armor the north end of the runway sheet pile wall
  • Relocate and expand the apron
  • Rehabilitate and extend the taxiway to the new apron
  • Raise the existing airport access road and provide slope protection
  • Relocate utilities to the new apron
  • Replace and relocate the existing segmented circle with a lighted wind cone
  • Provide an unlighted supplemental wind cone
  • Replace existing lighting on the runway and taxiway
  • Construct a new, expanded Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Lot
  • Construct two new single bay SREBs with a rotating beacon on the new M&O lot

Materials Sources

There are no developed material sites in the Hooper Bay area.

Community of Hooper Bay

The community of Hooper Bay is home to approximately 1200 residents (the population more than doubled between 1970 and 2000)  and is located on the Bering Sea coast, approximately 150 miles northwest of Bethel, 20 miles south of Cape Romanzof, and 25 miles south of Scammon Bay. Air travel to Hooper Bay is the only year-round transportation.  Barges supply goods and services such as fuel and heavy freight during the summer. There is a local health clinic in Hooper Bay, but the closest hospital facility is in Bethel, which is located approximately 160 miles east of Hooper Bay and is only accessible by air.


Updated: 07/22/2015