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Homer Lake Street Rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DOT&PF doing this project?
The pavement on Lake Street currently has significant potholing and pavement cracking. The Homer Lake Street project will rehabilitate Lake Street between the Sterling Highway and Pioneer Avenue/East End Road, to address drainage issues, improve pavement condition, enhance safety, and respond to community interest in improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
What type of work is typically involved in a "rehabilitation" project?
Rehabilitation projects focus on minor to moderate safety, capacity, and pedestrian and bicycle improvements. They routinely have larger budgets than Pavement Preservation projects but less than Reconstruction projects. With a Rehabilitation project, the DOT&PF is able to consider a wider range of improvements, but are still restricted by budget restraints and threshold requirements for certain upgrades like signals, lighting, and pathways.
What are some of the project challenges?
Project challenges include limited right-of-way, poor drainage, and buried and overhead utilities. Several commercial establishments are located close to the road with driveways and parking areas that may be affected by the proposed improvements.
What are you doing for the cyclists and pedestrians on this project?
The shoulders on both sides of the road will be widened to add designated bike lanes. The existing sidewalk on the east side of the roadway will be resurfaced and curb ramps will be upgraded to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
Will lighting be installed?
Currently, Lake Street does not meet criteria for lighting under the Central Region ADOT&PF Highway Lighting Guidance, dated November 19, 2015. Further review is in process to finalize the decision regarding potential selective lighting along Lake Street due to the addition of bike lanes.
Is the DOT&PF going to be relocating the above ground utilities to be underground?
There are many utility facilities in the project limits. The roadway is expanding to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve drainage, and extend the life of the existing roadway. Many overhead and buried lines lie within the area impacted by earthwork activities and will require relocation. Coordination with the utility companies is ongoing.
Will turn pockets be added?
Based on comparatively low traffic volumes, further necessary impact and cost of right of way, and the short length of overall roadway, no turn pockets are proposed at this time.
What improvements are you proposing at the Sterling Highway intersection?
Minor road widening will occur to accommodate large semi-trucks making right turns from Lake Street onto the Sterling highway. No major geometric changes to the intersection are proposed at this time. DOT&PF will upgrade the signal as needed, which may include flashing yellow arrows for left turn lanes off of the Sterling Highway.
What improvements are you proposing at the Pioneer Avenue/East End Road intersection?
At this time, DOT&PF is not proposing any geometric changes at the intersection. During the preliminary design stage, DOT&PF considered installing either a signal or a roundabout but determined through warrants and comments from the public that these improvements were not warranted based on current and future estimated Daily Traffic counts.
Will my property be affected?

DOT&PF contacted affected property owners regarding any needed right-of-way acquisitions or other property interests (drainage easements, Temporary Construction Permits, Temporary Construction Easements). If you are concerned about whether or not your property will be affected, you may contact DOT&PF using our 'Contact' page, accessible from the top ribbon on this page. If you have questions please visit our Right-of-Way resources and downloads at

Will the Construction impact my commute through Homer?
During construction, road users can expect temporary traffic delays and detours. DOT&PF is seeking public feedback on construction traffic control and would appreciate your thoughts on how best to minimize construction impacts. Construction requirements will be outlined by DOT&PF and provided to the construction contractor. As we get closer to starting construction, more information about traffic impacts will become available.
How much will this project cost, and how is it going to be funded?
The Homer Lake Street Project is federally funded and is estimated to cost approximately $6 million (including design, right-of-way acquisition, utility, and construction costs). Cost estimates will be further refined as the project design is finalized.
When is construction expected to start and how long will it take to complete?
Construction is currently scheduled in 2020; however, that date is dependent upon funding, acquiring property, obtaining permits, and other items which could change the construction date. The project will likely take two seasons staying active during the 2021 summer season to finalize stabilization, allow for sufficient grass growth, and complete signing and striping work.
How will people access my business during construction?
The contractor will be required to maintain access to your business during construction. Specific coordination may be required between yourself and the contractor and DOT&PF construction staff in order to plan the best access routes for your patrons.
Who can I contact to get more information?
Please contact:

Clint Adler, P.E., Project Manager
DOT&PF, Highway Design Section
P.O. Box 196900
Anchorage, AK 99519-6900
Tel: (907)269-0544