Posting Political Campaign Signs

Campaign SignsWith political campaign season underway, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the State of Alaska laws regarding political advertising.

Illustrated below are two sections of Alaska Statutes pertaining to sign posting and/or advertising in the right-of-way of Alaska’s highways:

  1. Campaign signs placed within the state’s road and highway rights-of-way are unauthorized encroachments under AS 19.25.200 – 19.25.250 and may be removed by DOT&PF crews without notification. Vehicles parked in rights-of-way that are used to display political advertisements are also prohibited and subject to removal.
  2. AS 19.25.105(a) states, “Outdoor advertising may not be erected or maintained within 660 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way…”  If a sign is on commercial property, but within 660 feet of the state’s right-of-way, DOT&PF personnel may send a 30-day written notice requesting removal of the sign. This notice will be sent to the property owner and the candidate.

    Campaign advertising is an important effort and expensive investment for all candidates. We realize that candidates and their volunteers may simply not realize the limitations of advertising in the rights-of-way, or the exact locations of the rights-of-way.

A list of State roads and highways in your region that are affected by rights of way laws are available online at:

Map of DOT&PF Regional Boundaries PDF document

See more information about the State’s rights-of-way: DOT&PF Rights of Way

DOT&PF staff will make every effort to work with you. If you would like more information about the width of the road rights-of-way in a given area or information about a specific road, please contact our Right of Way offices at:

  • Central Region, Right-of-Way, Anchorage Office: (907) 269-0700
  • Northern Region, Right-of-Way, Fairbanks Office: (907) 451-5407
  • Southcoast Region, Right-of-Way, Juneau Office: (907) 465-2838