AASHTOWare Project: Status Updates

  • March 2017: Analysis component for Preconstruction, Civil Rights & Labor, and Bids is complete. AASHTOWare webpage launched. Configurations to modules evaluated and refined. Coordination with ISSD resources has begun for interfaces between AASHTOWare and other software for data sharing.

  • Feb 2017: Meetings with ITI and software configurations continue. Reference data population ongoing. Website content created and submitted for posting to DOT&PF website. Implementation proposal expected late March. Project on schedule to begin implementation component early April.

  • Jan 2017: Bi-weekly meetings with ITI and software configurations begun. Interface between Department of Labor (DOL) system and AASHTOWare agreed upon. Contact made with AGC to start planning contractor outreach.

  • Dec 2016: Analysis Workshop conducted December 5th-12th. Detailed software functionality explored with ITI and Core Team. System configurations and customizations discussed.

  • Nov 2016: Regional business process analysis sessions with AASHTOWare project management and regional subject matter experts held and areas needing alignment investigated. Reporting and information sharing needs assessed. Continued preparation for December Analysis Workshop.

  • Oct 2016: Proposal for Phase 1 analysis component signed. Funding for FY17 secured. Regional business process analysis sessions planned and scheduled for early/mid-November. Analysis workshop for Core Team and ITI staff planned and scheduled for early December.

  • Sept 2016: Alaska DOT&PF representatives traveled to the annual AASHTOWare conference. Meetings were held with software contractor InfoTech, Inc. (ITI), and plans made for beginning analysis of Phase 1 modules.